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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Settling In~

Once the decision was made to tear everything out & re-do the house, the next two weeks were busy ones.  Butch stayed ahead of the flooring installer, moving furnace floor vents - all of them were out in the middle of the rooms, tearing out leaking toilets, doors, cupboards & even a couple small pony walls that weren't needed in the master bath.  For a while, it looked like a war zone!

Besides all the work, we'd had to make several trips to Council Bluffs - to find what we needed, purchasing, ordering & hauling it home.  Home Depot was our go-to place!  Courtney's flair for decorating was put to use, between the three of us, we made decisions on appliances, cabinets, etc.
Kelly's Carpet & Furrninture~
  Jim at Kelly's had been a great to work with - he'd helped me to pick the flooring long-distance & it was fun to finally meet him in person.

Courtney never stopped - cleaning, scrubbing, hauling & helping her Dad with the heavy stuff.  We did take one afternoon to tour around the countryside & ended up at what's become our favorite place - Toby Jacks in Mineola.  We were super sad when Thursday rolled around.  The drive to Omaha was so short & easy - Courtney had to catch her flight back to Washington.  :-(  It brought home to me - that she & the kids weren't going to be close enough to visit anymore :-(
Craft Room~
  One of the goals for that first week, was to get enough flooring down in the far end of the house, that we could unload the U-Haul I'd driven out directly into the house, rather than rent another storage.  That's when I realized how nice it was going to be to have a larger house & two more bedrooms!
Both the U-Hauls ~
The two of us unloaded the 22ft. truck & returned it on the 23rd to the dealer..  The 26-ft. truck that Butch & David had driven out was still there :-)
27th - Flooring down, cupboards going in~
The flooring installer was nice enough to help with my railroad desk!  Drew was a super guy to work with - Kelly's best installer & we could see why!  Once he'd finished - our next goal was to get two of our three storage spaces emptied before the end of the month.

What a job That was!  Again, just the two of us - Butch figured out amazing ways to help get the biggest & heaviest stuff loaded into the truck, then unloaded at the  house.  The weather throughout the move was with us & stayed nice the entire time.
Evening view~
November first - we had just finished loading up the last of our things from the final storage of household items - when my phone rang.  Hearing my Aunt's voice, I knew why she was calling...  My Mother had passed away...  Time stood still...

When I think of all the changes that have occurred - in such a short amount of time - I have to believe that we've been blessed in so many ways.  I'm so thankful that Mom knew we were happy & settling in.  A great loss, a new beginning~

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