Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT


 Moving to the "Bible Belt" - my new friends know I'm a returning native who loves horses!  It shouldn't have come as a surprise when I walked into the Gathering Place & Linus placed two books on the table!
Wonderful read!
I've just finished the book above & will be starting the second - of Tracey's travels through Ireland!  The photography is stunning & the story factual.  If you're looking for inspiration - look no further!
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First on my list of must have, or must read more than once - is the book above, a gift from my amigo Dean Essex, DVM.   After my major accident in 2003, I was riding scared - even on Jas.  Of course & didn't follow anyone's advice & bought Khari!  She was green, I was scared, it wasn't a good combination.  Dean took on the mare's training but only with the caveat - that Butch would agree to his re-training of me!  What did I think of this...  Well... is it possible to be more scared?  :-)   Like... who isn't scared of him?  The first & most major change he made, was the saddle.  The first time I sat in one of his - I felt - for the first time ever on a horse secure.

I'm going to continue to promote his philosophy, as I think it's as relevant today - if not more so - than in the past.  Until you actually ride in one of these saddles, (they can be from any manufacturer or saddle maker) it's difficult to understand the difference a secure seat makes in your ability to control your horse with confidence.  Riding - is all about control.  When you are in control - your horse senses it & you would be amazed at the difference it makes in their attitude under saddle.

If you enjoy horse books as much as I do - then you'll really enjoy;  The Eighty-Dollar Champion;  Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation.

Wisdom from a master horseman
Jack is a Horseman in every sense of the word.   Instead of a day under his tutelage, I would have loved having him as a neighbor.  His books are available from his web site at; http://www.jackbrainard.com/index.html

Feel lucky indeed to have met & had the opportunity to learn from Mark Bolender.  Even if you have no desire to ride mountains or "extreme" trail - this book is full of good advice to help you give your horse the opportunity to excel.  A fun weekend at Bolender Horse Park~


  1. I may be moving to the Glenwood area in the next year or two. Emily Swinford said we might become buddies. My thing has been dressage, and I was a certified learner judge with some experience judging a few years back. Now I'm an old lady who hasn't ridden in a year or two. Here's my website marilyndanderson.com

    1. Emily is right :-) Hope to hear from you!


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