Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A New Home!

Grandson Ben was helping me move statuary out of the woods, when the call came in from Emily - our offer on a house in Glenwood was accepted!  In just over six-weeks - we've sold our Homestead & purchased our first home in Iowa!  It took a lot of searching on Zillow & several phone calls to different realtors.  We feel lucky to have found Emily - at Jim Hughes Realty.  Ready, willing & able to help us - she offered to take video of both the inside & out- so we could get a good idea of what we're purchasing long-distance.
Our new Home-place!
We've been so used to total privacy, that living in town will be a real change for us.  To find a place with a private back yard, yet within walking distance of town was a real bonus.  Housing is at somewhat of a premium - with Glenwood's close proximity to the booming Omaha.  We're happy to have found a newer manufactured, with a lot of square footage, new roof & block foundation.  The property is the best part - large - private & adjacent to a creek.

We'll be boarding Farah for the first time.   Even though she adjusted well to being an only horse, I think it will be good for her to be on a private farm, just a few miles from us, where she'll have other horses to socialize with.  Our lot is big enough that she'll be able to come visit & help with the mowing :-)

Now, we're busy making plans for the road-trip.  Butch & our son-in-law David will drive the U-Haul out a couple weeks in advance, to put things in storage.  The two of them will fly home.  Once we're closed on both the Homestead & our Home Place - by mid-October we'll be on the road!  The truck with camper & Bronco pulling the horse trailer with Farah!  Exciting times!


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