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Friday, September 2, 2016

The Homestead - Under Contract!

We're under contract!  No dust gathering under our feet, since the buyers want to close in about six-weeks!  The market has been booming & we've seen more than one period of bust.  We didn't want to have to wait it out - if the market started to slip again.
June 2008
 Readers of my Homestead blog often thought that we lived in a tiny house - when seeing photos of the Garden Cottage :-)  We always had to laugh.  So many memories, so many years, such a great lifestyle we've enjoyed here! 
7-6-2016 A view to remember~
Our search for an Iowa home is now a priority!  Along with the work of sorting, purging, packing & getting ready for a cross-country move.  So much to do - in so little time...  Excitement building for the journey east!  Maybe I'll even get to see Lightening Bugs again!  When I was little, they used to entertain us while we waited for the Fourth-of-July fireworks!

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