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Monday, August 15, 2016

Friendly Google~

Today I found out that Google has built a server farm near Council Bluffs.  Another is supposed to be under construction near Glenwood!  We know first hand the changes that kind of farm will make in the area.  Employment opportunities for people in the field, rising costs of housing, the wave of the future of our country.
Google Server farm~
We've contacted our favorite realtor & friend Janelle.  She has provided us with a workable number - a number good enough to get the ball rolling.  We know her, trust her & are hopeful that she will be the one to instrument the sale of the Homestead - which we expect will take at least a year - maybe more.  We have contact information for several realtors in IA - we want to start the search now, to see what's available. Though we both love my hometown, Butch will still need to work - so proximity to Omaha tops our list of must have's!  Glenwood has become a bedroom community to Omaha, boasting a short commute distance.  It is also in the Loess Hills - a beautiful natural area - hard to find in farming country.

Some friends in the original GreatHorseTrailRidersDistanceDerby - have convinced me that I'll not only have places to ride, but riding companions too!  Though we'd like a small acreage - they're hard to find.  Farmland is more valuable as farmland - which is a good thing! We'll be looking for some privacy, probably something near town, at least a large yard & enough room for our things.   A place to call home, while we establish ourselves, learn about the area & settle in.

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