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Thursday, August 18, 2016

We List the Homestead~

Here we are, signing on the line, to list our Homestead in Western, WA.  Never something that we expected to do.  When we moved here - I told Butch that I never wanted to ever move again!  Our hopes were so high - we had such great plans!

Over the years Butch had ideas for a lot of projects & brought home things that would work for a variety of them.   We loved the work, the challenge & the fun of fixing things up.  Now though - we're a little older & getting a little tired of keeping up with the never-ending chores that go along with owning a small acreage.
From the Cottage~
Butch almost spends more time on the freeway commuting than he does at home.  Worse every year & now escalating beyond anything we could have ever imagined.  If I stop to remember all the tracts of forest that have been cleared since we've lived here & now the wholesale development going in behind us - I'm overwhelmed with sadness.  Once native environment is gone, it's gone forever...

 We've had some beautiful, if warm evenings this month. I was cleaning in the Cottage as Butch came home Tuesday.  Working in Arlington - so close to home - for the first time in years - has been so nice.  We were sitting on the steps, watching Farah graze when Janelle called to ask if we were ready to list.  Neither of us hesitated - but just answered;  "Do it!"  So it's done - the listing went live today.

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