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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sold - Pending Inspection!

What were we thinking?!  A year or more to find a buyer?  We were wrong!  Did someone say quick?  By Monday morning, we had a cash offer from the first people to see the property.  Our buyers plan to live in the house for now, the inspection will be next.  We hope that will go smoothly - with the age of the house taken into consideration.  Forty-years is a good long life for a 77 model!

We both feel somewhat under the gun - to find something in Iowa!   Our to-do list is huge!  Butch has his work cut out for him...  Hauling away all the stored piles of stuff that he's accumulated.  We have a new neighbor up the road - working to improve another older property - who's going to come & take a good portion away.

Managing multi-family residential meant that for years we'd been required to live on-site.  As we climbed the management ladder - we had to make the move ourselves - from smaller to larger properties.  We'd purchased a VA repossession in Marysville as an investment property.  (Since an apartment came as part of my employment package, we wanted a place of our own, in just in case.)  The income we made from that investment - is what we used to buy the Homestead
Jentry burning the boxes~
I can't say how much I dislike moving!  I know some do it routinely - but I prefer to stay put!  We'd save our nice moving boxes, using them over & over again.  Once we were done with them this time - we had a celebratory fire!

Now - we're buying boxes!  Unreal!  Watch out what you wish for!

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