Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Friday, June 9, 2017

Blastin' Along & Havin' A Blast!

Well...  I knew it was going to be WARM... I'm using the term warm - because I know the temperatures are supposed to climb & I'll need to use that other word - that starts with H sooner or later!  Roxi invited Renee to ride with us today & what Fun we had!
Roxi & Connie
Mentioning something about being used to riding with kids...  I told Renee that our fearless leader must be insinuating that we are more mature :-)  With Roxi taking the lead & moving like a bat out of you-know-where, I didn't even have time to be warm...
An Owl!
As we rounded a corner - I saw a very large bird take wing right across the trail.  Thank heaven Renee wanted to adjust her stirrups & I got a good look at this owl.  Even though Farah didn't think we needed to get a picture - I managed one!
The first time out we did the two-loops at an average pace of over 12-mph - the horses worked Hard & were dripping sweat by the time we came in.   After a very short break & sponging them down, we went out again, this time only averaging 7-mph.
Does this horse make my butt look Fast?
I loved Roxi's t-shirt!  Way better than another version I've seen - of course it's blurred, since the horses were in a very competitive mood.  I was happy that I'd had Farah out once already this week, she's becoming so fit - I've got to hope for cooler temperatures eventually - so we can make it to at least one ride.
Renee, enjoyed her ride on Sovereign!
This team was hot on our heels the entire way!  Farah likes Sovereign - thankfully - he made a move to pass & she just gave him a look.  Once back from our final loops, we hosed the horses down.  A lady who'd set up camp next to where I'd parked came over & said;  "I think you met my parents earlier this week - they mentioned a beautiful horse with a sliver tail!"  Of course - the couple I'd met on Tue.  The next question was about our tights.  Here - if you wear tights - you are a sure-nuf endurance rider.  :-)  Her question was as to whether they were cooler than jeans - normal riding attire.
Making friends~
I had a few nuts & cherries, Farah rolled & grazed a while before we started back.  I called my friend Rebecca - who's horses I'd visited last week & asked if she wanted to meet us at the park.  It wasn't long before we drew a small crowd :-)  I don't know if a horse has ever been at the park - but there's always a first time!  Farah was great, everyone enjoyed seeing her & we did our best to encourage a few more future horsewomen!


  1. Hey Connie, Sounds like the heat there would merit early morning or evening riding. You mentioned the bugs once. I use a product called War Paint on my horses that seems to work well. It's applied once a week. It works like the flea stuff you put between the shoulders of cats or dogs. It makes the horse unpalatable to the flies and no see ums.

    1. I should, but I like my mornings & evenings I spend with my husband :-) I do have War Paint & use it too, but I don't think it lasts as long...


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