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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our First Weather "Event"!

We were sitting out, a little later than normal.  I mentioned to Butch that it seemed to be getting dark early.  It was quiet, no wind - but we were expecting rain & thunderstorms.  We were just cleaning up from dinner - when our phones went off with a screech!  The first time we'd heard a weather warning alert & within another second - the emergency sirens in town were going off.

Within minutes the storm Hit!  We stood in the living room, looking out the windows & watching as the wind drove the rain in blowing sheets across the landscape!  The thunder was booming, with lightening strikes moving sideways across the entire skyline.  Video below was after the storm moved off.  You can just hear the three "all-clear" signals at the very end~

I texted both daughters & was on the phone with Courtney, so didn't think to take video.  We watched as the big Walnut tree started loosing branches!  Courtney stuck it out with me - it was good to have her on the other end of the line :-)  Just this morning we'd been talking with Sharon, who said that she never worried unless the sky turned green.  Well, the next thing I heard - was Butch saying;  "The sky's green."  Sure enough it was...  We heard a transformer blow & the power went out.  We both said some prayers & it was a great relief when the storm finally moved away.
It wasn't long before our local Facebook page was getting posts & photos of what damage the town & surrounding area has sustained.  The campground is out at the intersection of I-29 & I-34.  It was one we had considered staying at when we first arrived.
RV's tossed everywhere~
It's out in the wide-open, the Harley Davidson Dealership on the other side of I-29 lost it's roof.  (Thank you to the local photographers who took these photos!)
Old Antique Building~
I think most of the debris along the highway came from here.
Along I-29
The power stayed out - the temperature had dropped rapidly from the high 80's, down into the 70's as the storm passed, but muggy didn't even describe it!  A neighbor called after 10 p.m. asking Butch to come help a lady who was trapped in her electric chair.  By the time they got there - the emergency personnel arrived & extracted her.  We went to bed & boy did I ever realize how much difference the ceiling fans make!
Great Minds :-)
We didn't even think of leaving when the storm was at it's worst.  This morning when Linus called we both laughed at ourselves, since he & Kay have a finished basement where we could have gone :-)  We drove to the Gathering Place, Butch wanted to check out the damage to the the sign.  I posted the last photo of it intact to Facebook just yesterday afternoon.
Tree on the roof~
Almost half of town is still without power - with the NW corner taking the brunt of the storm.  Many trees were either down or had lost huge limbs everywhere.  It seemed like everyone  in town was out & about this morning, chain saws, rakes, trucks full of limbs - all headed to the ball field where the city is collecting the debris.
Shattered tree~
As we drove around, it was really amazing that as many huge trees as there are - most missed the houses.  I think the Loess Hills act as something of a wind break for the town.  The campground is out to the west, in the open.  So far we haven't heard reports of anyone being seriously hurt.  I'm hoping that this is the last time I see that green sky!

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