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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On The Road Again~

Finally!  A day to ride, trails were again closed due to yesterday morning's thunderstorm.  Roxi invited me over & I was more than ready to get in a ride.  Farah was fine when I picked her up - but when we'd been by on Sunday - the face flies were out in force.  I bought a second fly mask, she's wearing it full time.  The Shoofly leggings are working GREAT!
A new pond~
 Roxi was riding Copper & he was all business - as all Roxi's horses are.  Farah was just full of herself - I guess a week off when she's this fit was too long...  We weren't out more than maybe a mile when she suddenly shied left - upon which I lost my seat & then started bucking!  All of this - as she went into a gallop.  I heard Roxi say; "Hang ON!" & boy howdy was I!  Roxi said she was surprised, since up until now, she hadn't seen this side of Farah's personality :-)
The corn is growing!
 Grabbing mane & cussing her at the same time!  The absolute last thing I wanted to do was to come off & land on that gravel!  There is no way you could hit it & not be torn to shreds...
The ears say it all~
 So fine, just fine - I let her go & she did Go...  Yes - I kept telling myself - forward motion!  She did get a serious chastising as we blasted along.  We hit 19.5 on my Garmin & she was still pulling for more rein, one step away from run-a-way...
Roxi on Coppers Eclipse
 I felt Great Relief when Roxi turned off into the field above & the dirt footing felt so soft after the hard packed road.  It must have been a relief to the horses too, I'm sure.  Typically a trail is mowed along the Nishnabotna River river, but it hadn't been done yet & the grass was chest high on the horses.  A ditch between us & the river & it was wet down there.  It would be fun to see if we could find a place to get to the water - but it's difficult here - the rivers are so full of silt.
A field of Soy Beans on our other side~
Farah finally settled down on our return trip.  During her bucking episode, the zipper on my camera must have come loose, because when I pulled her up to take a photo - the camera was gone.  (My smartphone had to fill in.)  It's traveled a whole lot of miles with us & this was a first.  We found it laying in the middle of the road on our way back.  A few nasty scratches, but not broken & still working!
Part of our route~
I know that Roxi's training route is 20-miles, but I was feeling the workout & my right side was sore.  We were already over 8-miles out.  By the time we'd returned to the farm - we'd done fifteen-miles in under two-hours.  We washed both horses down, then went in to enjoy the Watermelon Roxi had cut up before we left.  A little salt & I think we must have inhaled it!  We're ready for a 50 - now - if Butch can get the time & we can find the right ride.

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