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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Welcome to the Jungle~

It felt like we were moving through a Jungle!  So very hot & so very humid!  The beginning of the hot months in the Midwest!  Trails at Waubonsie were open - but as we moved out onto them - we quickly discovered that they were slippery in many places.
Farah hears something~
We were both in a post holiday mood.  When I arrived at the barn, there were horses tied in the barn isle & horses getting shoes.  A busy morning - since usually I'm the only one there.  I just grabbed Farah & we headed for the trailer.  It was Very hot in the barn - even with two huge fans going.  The only ones at the park, we parked in the shade & I groomed Farah there.  
On the trail~
The trails are pretty heavy with undergrowth & I could have cut the humidity with a knife.  Even with both of us sprayed down - a stop meant an attack of every flying insect in the woods.  Some would even land on my sunglasses.
Tiny purple flowers~
These tiny purple flowers were in bloom in many places.  I can't seem to find them in any of the wildflower lists, so maybe they're a weed?
Blackberry isn't supposed to do well here, but I think that's what this is.  The one or two that were almost ripe, were dark enough, smaller than the NW varieties.  Otherwise it would be Raspberry & next time I'll have to try one.
It didn't surprise me that there was so much water in the lowlands...  Farah wanted a drink - but I didn't see a spot where she could reach without getting into the bog & she didn't insist.
Water everywhere~
In the lowlands, the silt was as thick as the last time we were here.  Incredible how much washes off the hills & ends up in all the low spots.
River of silt~
Farah was game to move on up into it - but it's not a trail after all.  We were trotting along - a trot kept us cooler than even her fast walk.  We were traveling the nice long stretch along the old fence,  when this spot of color caught my eye!  The leaves looked very much like those of Iris - so I wasn't surprised when I found that it is in that family.
Iris: Blackberry Lily, Leopard Flower, Leopard Lily 
Such a pretty thing - the blooms only last a day.
Farah wet with sweat!
We were both soaked with sweat within the first mile & it wasn't getting any cooler.  It took determination to stay out for the time we did.
wild bergamot
The bee balm was more purple than it shows in the photo - I could smell it from a little way off.
Going up~
Even in the heat, Farah was still game to gallop the hills - they were so slippery in spots that she slid once or twice.
Our route~
We went to the end of the campground & took the trail that goes out from there & did a little looping around.  It would be so very nice to have a few more miles of trail here.  I thought about going to Pierce Creek, but decided that we'd take the shade & humidity over being out mostly in the hot sun.

Once back at the trailer I stripped tack & tossed the cinch into a bucket of water, it was literally dripping sweat.  Farah really appreciated her bath & I really enjoyed giving it to her.  I was soaked, but my clothing dried within minutes.  I was proud of us both for getting out on a day with close to 90%  humidity & temps reaching 90. 

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