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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Freedom for Nika~

What a long wait!  Had we known when we signed the contract that we'd have a four-month wait, rather than the two-months we were told, I think we'd have checked with other fence companies.  After having the run of our acreage in WA the entire first four plus years of her life, confinement to the house, a cable or on leash wasn't any fun.  There were a couple times she managed to escape & run the neighborhood with us in pursuit - but it was scary - for us anyway!
Finally free!
This morning she was So happy to be able to start her new guard dog routine!
First taste!
Last night - when Butch got home - we turned her loose!  It took less than two seconds for her to go from zero to 50!  :-)

It was as much fun for us as it was for Nika!  She ignored us when we asked her to come in - staying out until well after dark & her dinner time!  When she did come up on the back porch - she was covered in mud from a fresh dig!  Straight to the bathtub we went!  After that - she was sound asleep in no time :-)
Our beautiful girl!
Today, she was back to beautiful!  Butch is asking her not to dig...  We'll see how far he gets with that - especially since here - like in WA - the moles are everywhere!
Viewing her new domain~
As we sat out on the swing enjoying the springlike morning - Nika too - found a new favorite spot!

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