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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Something about Glenwood~

The temperatures took a nose dive yesterday.  With a wind of 10-15 mph., chilly would sure describe it.  At 8 a.m. this morning, it was ten-degrees, snowing & the air was full of small flakes going every direction!
From the front porch~
 Just a couple hours later, the sun broke through - sky turned blue & it was gorgeous!  Butch went out with a broom & started working his way up the sidewalk!  You can just see him across from the car on the road.  When I described Butch's outfit to a neighbor, she described hers & I may have to venture out to get some photos of the unusual garb worn!  Definitely Not REI!  :-)
This weeks quote in front of The Gathering Place~
At least one day a week, we go here for a late breakfast or early lunch!  :-)  Everyone has learned our names!  We try to make progress remembering the names of all our new friends too, but after all, we  have more to remember than they do!  :-) For a while we were;  The Coolidge Couple - but Linus & Kaye make sure we're introduced to one & all!
Over 1,700 miles~
Who but us - would decide on a cross-country move - then a whole house remodel?  :-)  Our list of projects is still a long one & Butch finds things to add to it.  Like yesterday when he said;  "This wall could be out another couple inches - I think I'll do it now so the tile will look better!"  I've found it easier to agree - as I'm sure his crews have over the years :-)
Guest Room~
 Going from two-bedrooms - to four has been Great!  It gave me room to incorporate some of Mom's things.  Her beautiful brass bed, little dresser & plant stand all seem happy to have found a spot.  The Tree of Life quilt Mom bought as a kit, then asked my Grandmother to put together.  I remember Grandma giving her grief over all the work it involved.  The cross-stitch was done by hand, as was the quilting.  Grandma never used a long-arm, her huge quilt frame sat in the downstairs hall.  

We've been told that the town has been on a decline for many years.  The new highway was built around town, diverting travelers from local businesses.  With too many rental properties, high taxes & no industry it's now a bedroom community to Omaha.  Butch has been looking local, commute is not a nice word in his vocabulary.  In the meanwhile - we're enjoying our longest together time in years.

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