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Friday, February 10, 2017

Two Rivers State Park - Birthday Ride!

When the weather forecast was for 60+ degrees, I just kept my fingers crossed that it would be true!  On my birthday no less!  Sue & Jo invited me along to ride at Two Rivers State Park, NE - just about an hours drive from home.  My husband was kind enough to agree to drive us over.  That included hitching the trailer up over the sheet of ice that had formed just in front of the hitch.  It took 4-wheel drive to get the job done!
Farah checks things out!
 After the trailer, Farah comes next!  Butch managed to get the trailer turned & stay on the road - which was sloppy & slippery to say the least!  We used the GPS & pulled into the park right on time.  
Butch talking with Sue & Jo
 Butch & Nika were planning a nice long walk & had packed a lunch & good book!  Sue thougth that the trails might be too muddy, so we'd just planned to ride the roads - until - we saw that the trails were in much better shape than expected!
Sue - with feathers on her helmet :-)  & Jo!
 It was just so beautiful out!  We let the word "spring" spring from our lips more than once!   I loved the tour of another beautiful park!  Horse camping available here too, complete with corrals.
Entry to Horse Camp
 We took the trail along the Elkhorn River!  It was amazing to see all the sheets of ice moving in the current!  We could hear some deep sounds - the ice breaking off & entering the main flow.
Downstream ~
 The first time, the mares spooked, but on our return, even as a large piece broke away - Farah - to her credit - just kept going.
Between Sue's mare's ears :-)  Thank you Sue!
Such different views from those we've known so well - for so long.
Blocks of Ice jammed up against the river bank~
The sun felt So warm, we were soon peeling off layers!
Farah looking ahead!
 We stopped back at the Caboose Parking area to drop off coats, then headed out one more time, to the very north end of the trails & circled around an area where the Boy Scouts have been working to increase pollinators.
Pollinator Habitat Project~
 I'm looking forward to another trip here in the spring to see what has been planted.  The only major spook of the day, was when a couple hiking came around a corner & Farah thought it was a good enough excuse :-)
Returning to the parking area~
 I should have taken photos of the Cabooses!  They are available to rent & have beds, a kitchen area, bathroom with shower etc.  Very nice!  Even air-conditioning in the Summer!  We met with another group of riders, Tammy (Originator of the Great Trailriders Distance Derby) & I actually met face-to-face for the first time!  Too fun!
Our Route~
Here, where there really isn't back-country - the parks must be shared by all.  It seems that this has worked out for everyone & having trails to ride is what counts!  I'm hopeful that our new BCH Chapter can contribute trail-clearing hours at these beautiful park lands.

My first birthday in my home state for many, many years!  It was tough this morning - no happy birthday call from my mother...  But thanks to two new friends Sue & Jo - it was a Wonderful Day!

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