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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blooming Barn~

After months of rumors, today was the grand opening of the Blooming Barn in Malvern!  It was a warm, sunny day - with big thunderheads floating overhead.  Just enough of them for most of us to believe that we'd have rain by afternoon. 
Inside one of the Greenhouses~
We'd driven by a couple times during the construction & the last time it looked like there was a lot left to be done.  It came as a surprise when the opening was advertised for today!
A busy place~
With an older barn, a new barn under construction & at least three greenhouses, there was a lot to see!  I think every plant lover within miles of Malvern planned a visit today!  We'd all been so starved for color & the smells of spring!
Cute metal roofed gazebo~ 
So many of the trees are in full bloom now!  Pinks, whites & one variety that didn't expect to see here - the Redbud!  I asked my friends in the Garden Club who told me that this is about the northern most extremity of their range.  Of the large trees - about half are budding out - beautiful shades of pale greens!
Inside the older barn building!
The décor of the barns was so unique!
Lots to see!
Painted & metal art seem to be popular - at least in the places we've seen.  Unique & colorful animals, birds etc.
A pony too!
I admit - I was tempted :-)  It this pony had been more gold - he might have come home with us!  Really a darling piece of art.
The variety of bedding plants was just incredible!  As good as anything I've seen in Molbacks or Wrights!  Linda & I had such fun meeting for lunch in at Skagit Valley Garden's in Mt. Vernon over the months before we moved.  Here there's no lunch venue, but nearby is the Classic Café!
Another greenhouse full of beauty!
Several other shoppers warned me that's it's Way too Early to put out bedding plants or vegetable starts yet!  We had a freeze one night last week where I had to bring in my pots germaniums.  Even so...
Our mailbox post~
We found a nice heavy, bronze planter & filled it with Calliope Large dark Red Geraniums & Sedum mexicanum - a beautiful golden green ground cover type of plant.  Very similar to what I had all over the Homestead.  It works great with the rocks we had to buy for around the bottom of the post :-)  I'm thinking that rocks are at a premium here.

Everything is turning green, the birds are singing from dawn to dusk & the cardinals come by a couple times a day.  I'm looking now for a small weed trimmer so I can do more along the creek.  I have plans :-)

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