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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Yesterday, I spend most of the day working along the edge of the hill just up from the creek.  Two invasive vines had almost taken over the bushes that line the top south side of the backyard.  Since they're starting to grow now, if I hadn't gotten them - I think I'd just have had to cut the bushes down.

Today, I wanted to ride in the worst way, but the weather forecast was for rain & thunderstorms.  After watching as a lightening bolt hit right out in the middle of our street - there's no way I want to take a chance getting caught out.  A whole different world here than the weather I knew so well in WA.
When I arrived at the barn - all was quiet - a blessing.  Farah was waiting & she's almost slick now!  I spend a lot of time grooming her & she enjoys my attention - more than she ever has.  I really do think that she misses us - even if she does enjoy being around her own kind now.
Once I had her polished up from top to bottom, we went out to the arena & she's already figured out our new routine :-)   She was just So very good!  I can imagine how good it feels to stretch out & get to move out - especially so when she's had so many years of consistent riding.  It's been hard for me too - my joints seem to crackle more than they used to.  I've started a little exercise routine in the mornings to try to combat the changes.
She didn't even break a sweat today - finally I started laughing & chasing her!  Instantly she picked up on the game & flew past me :-)  She made one turn to cut me off - so graceful that it took my breath away. 
The new look~
When we first moved her over into the turnout - a day or two later she came up with a rip on the side of her cheek.  Not deep, just a thin layer of skin & hair removed, no blood.  I sprayed it & it scabbed up just fine. Now though - the hair has grown in light gold!  Her body has stayed very clean - no marks, bites, bumps or any of the usual things that most horses collect over the years.  Of course not having her in a herd situation has helped that.

Thursday is supposed to be a break in the storms & I'm hoping to travel the 40 minutes to an hour it takes to go anywhere that I can ride!  If anywhere is open!  Here - if we get rain - the parks close.  Within that drive time - the three closest places only have maybe 8-miles of trail.  This time of year - with the thunderstorms rolling through almost daily - it makes riding the kind of distances we used to enjoy - limited. 

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