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Friday, April 7, 2017

Farah's First Visit Home~

It's been a week ago today since I hurt my wrist...  A whole week & several more to go for it to be healed.  I've been invited for a couple days camping at Brushy Creek, IA - so the plan is to take it easy till then.  Now, of course the weather is perfect for riding & I'm not :-(  Woe is me...
Butch letting Farah in the gate~
When Butch got home from his morning route, we had breakfast then picked Farah up.  When we pulled up at the house I know that she knew this was where we'd settled.  She checked out the Bronco & camper in the drive & was totally relaxed about the whole thing.
On the move~
I was warned by the barn owner not to leave her out on the grass for long :-)  It's good I receive direction on these things :-)  It was her first real time to graze since leaving WA.  Butch & I moved our chairs to the bottom of the hill, confined Nika to the back porch & kicked back to enjoy the view.
"Do I look Saddlebred?"
 Even the dirtiest she's ever been, with a tail a little shorter & dirty - it was the best kind of entertainment to watch her enjoy herself.  Of course she had to check out the neighbors :-)  I wanted so badly to give her a bath - but my wrist would not have handled that...  Butch still has to figure out the warm water situation & I need a hitching post.
Her attention was split between checking out the yard & grazing.  We both knew that her little run-about would come sooner or later & it wasn't long before she was coming right at us :-)
Farah;  "Is this how those Quarter Horses do it?" 
As we growled at her - she dug in & slid to a perfect QH stop, chunks of sod flying :-)  Obviously, our girl is feeling her spring oats.  Her weight is back up - enough so that her supplement will go back to once-a-day until I'm riding again.
Almost eleven~
It was hard to take her back...  for me anyway - Butch has decided that we'll fence off another area adjoining our "yard" for her in the future.  We have made progress though! 
New power pole!
We arrived home last evening in time to see our new power pole going in!  Today, Butch managed to get the trailer backed under the old guide wire - so it will be staying home now.  So much handier than driving out to where we paid to store it - to hitch up.  As soon as the old pole & wire are finally removed - we'll bring in rock for the driveway.  The next wait - is again - for the survey to be completed.  Things move slowly in Iowa, but we're not complaining :-)

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