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Friday, April 21, 2017

Where to Begin?

It's been a month now since Farah & I have been on a trail...  My wrist - was probably sprained - since it's healing way faster than I thought it would.  It's still sore if I try to do anything with it, but I can use it & figured it would be good enough for a ride.  We'd been coming out to see her every four-days - it was time for her annual Adequan series.

Today, I felt like we were back to square one.  I loaded my saddle, bridle, pad & planned to do some road riding.  The one thing I forgot - was my helmet!  You'd think after all these years, I could remember that!  Anyway - our girl was covered with mud, so a good grooming was in order.  Her neighbor screamed at her departure - I closed the door between those stalls & the main barn.   It amazes me that Farah can ignore him the way she does.
In the round pen~
Once I had her cleaned up, I let her out into the outdoor arena & she took off at a gallop.  I'm sure she's wondering why we haven't had our usual trail time.  She looks good, her weight is good, she's stayed amazingly fit - considering our latest month off.
Checking out the other horses.
I had my new stick from Dennis Reis - it works great.  As usual, she bucked, kicked, leaped into the air & stretched herself out.  Finally she settled into some nice extended trotting & was very polite about changing direction when I asked.
Other way~
After yesterday's beautiful sunshine day, it seemed strange to see the sun give way to cloud cover by mid-morning, a cool breeze too.  I'd worn warmer tights & wished I hadn't - we both worked up a light sweat.
There's grass over there!
I heard a lot of noise out on the road - the county road-grader was at work, so it would not have been the day to try road riding anyway.  The operator was scraping the shoulders & leaving the excess material out in the middle for his next sweep.
Feeling more relaxed~
By the time she slowed & came up to me - we were both ready to be done.  In another week, we'll actually be headed south through Missouri for a horse camping trip to;  Brushy Creek, MO.  I'm so looking forward to some time with my mare & days of riding new trails!

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