Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ridin' Time Again~

What can we say about sunshine, perfect days?  Cool & crisp we've had only one blustery day during our time here so far.  Even that was amazing - experiencing the different weather patterns of a new place.

Saturday, we were invited to a private farm for some arena riding.  As I started to unload Farah - using an old halter & trying to hold on to the large trailer door - she decided to jump out before the lead was clipped!  (With a brisk, chill wind blowing - it was a fresh kind of afternoon.)  Taking off at a trot, after weeks of confinement in a stall with only occasional turn-out - she's gained weight & was feeling fresh.  Lucky for me - she's still my good girl & after taking me on a tour of the yard - she stopped :-) 
Butch & Farah~
Butch took over, while I put my gloves on.  There's just no way you can't be distracted from the amazing views on this farm!  Omaha in the distance - even more beautiful at night.
View of Omaha to the west~
We're looking forward to exploring more of the Loess Hills area before we head too far afield :-) No pun intended!  We've found our proximity to Omaha & Eppley Field to come in handy - a easy drive to pick up or drop off family.
Here we are!
I was bundled up!  Thermal pants, North Face thermoball vest & Carhart jacket.  Once we were trotting, I warmed up quick.  Farah did too - since this arena has a deep - sandy footing perfect for the reining horses who train here.
We work on collection~
It was great fun to watch as a couple of the horses did their Quarter Horse spins, stops & turns - poetry in motion.   Late afternoon, as the sun sat over the wooded hills, we went in to warm up & enjoy a hot meal.

Later, as we loaded Farah - the sky was so black, the stars so bright & the quiet so complete.  We could have been in the middle of nowhere - but instead - have found ourselves somewhere that's feeling more like home each day.


Always Welcome~