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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Do You Do?

 With small acreages hard to come by & both of us ready to enjoy life in town - what do we do?  We decide to pay to board Farah.  Starting out with a stall in the barn - our mare was gaining weight & certainly not getting enough exercise.  She had made friends with the horse next to her & seemed totally relaxed & comfortable.  Since we've been busy with the remodel of our new-to-us home - my ride time has been limited & the holidays are upon us.
Hard at it :-)
Now that a run has opened up - with a place inside to get out of the weather - we decided that we'd move Farah from the stall this afternoon.  Horse ownership in Iowa is somewhat different than it was in Washington.  Horses here are definitely treated more as livestock & not pampered  quite to the extent that most of the horses I knew in WA were.  I - of course - have pampered the gold girl for many years & it's been tough to not be able to walk out my door & see her.

When we arrived today to check out the run - we found that it needed a lot of clean-up work.  Nothing like paying to do - what we used to do for free :-)  I'd gotten carried away last week & decided to do some cleaning in the feed room.  I left it way better than I'd found it - but hadn't carried off all the trash.  Today - the trash was gone!  I think that probably the nice young couple who are in charge of feeding & cleaning the barn had removed it.  I also did some sweeping & cleaning in the tack room - I think this means that I'm actually missing barn chores!
Farah on the move!
Farah seemed thrilled to be out again!  She hit the enclosure at a full trot & in seconds had taken down the lower line of rope hot wire - managing to wrap her tail around it & then drag it around the tree!  Butch was Not happy!  We could find no insulators, so my husband had to adapt the broken ones with baling twine & electrical tape.  Since the poor gelding on that side had been put in his place...  She started checking out the gelding on the other side - at least that didn't result in any more damage!
Checking out the view~
By the time we had her feed bag & grain bucket in place, she'd finally calmed down & stood at the top of the hill looking out over the countryside.  Such a different view from the one she was used to.  Hopefully, she'll like being out better than being in!  I do not want to end up with a horse carrying too much weight!  After all - there's got to be an endurance ride somewhere around that we can have some fun at next season :-)

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