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Monday, November 21, 2016

& The Train Came!

We started out walking our property this morning - trying to figure out where our corners are!  The fence company was sending out their estimator & we'd hoped to have a rough idea of just what we have to fence!  Since there seems to be a discrepancy between the legal description on the deed & what's on file with the county - we're going to go ahead with a survey.

If we have what the deed says - we'd have enough space for a garage.  Otherwise, we've spoken to the neighbor who owns the adjacent piece about purchasing it.  Nika is so tired of being on her cable - she complains about the squirrels every day :-)
Nika watching for those squirrels!
 As we were finishing up, my neighbor Clara, from just up the street stopped by to invite me to the Garden Club meeting at the new Senior Center.  I had to accept!  This time of year - with the holidays coming & our kids & grand-kids so far away- it was so nice to be thought of.  This Senior Center is the only one in the state that doesn't take outside funding & is completely run by volunteers.  Just an amazing building - first rate!

I really enjoyed meeting other ladies from town.  We had a super presentation on easy ways to design table centerpieces & other Christmas decorations.  That was followed by tea & lemon cake!  Afterward - Clara asked if I'd like a tour of the town.
The old Train Station~
 I was so surprised when we started up a big hill & at the top was the old train station!  What an amazing building.  I could just imagine it way back when - in it's prime.  Clara is a photographer & as the two of us were taking photos, I heard Clara exclaim;  "The train is coming!"
Here it comes!
 In a matter of seconds the train was upon us - the Engineer blowing his horn as it swept by!  An empty coal train - on it's return & moving fast!

It had been years since I'd been that close to a fast moving train!  What a rush!  Clara was busy taking photos the entire time!   Next, we headed over to the buildings that loom over the town, what was known as the Glenwood State Hospital.  With a colorful history - the grounds are amazingly beautiful & very private. 
Deer roaming the grounds~
 We drove over to the private lake & picnic area, then back through town, making a couple more stops on our way.  It was great tour & a really fun afternoon!  Butch was working on the kitchen all day & tomorrow - finally - we get counter tops!

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