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Friday, November 25, 2016

Back In Time~

Finally, we took the time to go away for the weekend!  We'd made reservations at Hotel Greenfield - when we were in town for Mom's services.  Walking into the Hotel, is like walking back in time - completely restored to it's former glory - it's a real treat to stay here.  When I was little & visiting Grandpa, I used to go by, it looked so spooky with it's boarded up windows.  A group of local investors - people who'd lived & grown up in town - purchased the property & restored it.

 Now, it's such fun to stay here & enjoy the quaint & quiet small town rural life, that Greenfield typifies.  I'm happy that we're close enough - that I can visit the place where I have so many wonderful childhood memories.

We knew that the annual Parade would be on Friday night - the chairs in the lobby were moved so that patrons could see the parade go by out the windows - while enjoying a hot drink in the comfort of their overstuffed chairs!
Tree in the lobby~
 The night was so mild - especially when you remember that we're at the end of November!  Butch & I went out to stand on the street & watch the parade go by.  We got a popcorn ball, candy & "The Worlds Best Pizza Cutter" from the local hardware store :-)
Santa comes by!
The crowd was small - at least by our standards!  Friendly, fun & what a great way to bring in the Christmas holiday season.
Our Favorite~
I took photos & gave copies to the Hotel.  Afterward, we returned to the lobby & bar to finally partake of one of those promised hot drinks!  Yum!  Welcome Christmas Season!

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