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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Mid-Winter Day~

No, it sure didn't feel like Winter today!  Sunshine, wonderful clear skies & temperatures that rose above 50 degrees!  I'd been invited to ride & couldn't go :-(  It would have been a longer drive, to what looked like a really nice area, so I hope I'm invited next time! Too much paperwork for me to do. :-(  I will be so very glad when I'm done with it all...
Farah on the move~
 By mid-afternoon we'd caught up & drove out to our storage to bag another couple weeks worth of supplement.  We always try to keep a large enough supply on-hand that if we're called away unexpectedly - Farah won't run out.

With a strong wind blowing, Butch brought our girl out & she was So happy to see us!  It made me feel bad - that our visits this month - have been so sporadic.  Farah also seems to have a better understanding with the crazy gelding in the run next to hers.  She was calm, cool & kicked back to enjoy a good  grooming.  He's as crazy an Arabian as I've ever seen, working himself up into a full body sweat every time we take her away.  Even when we close the door, we can here him tearing back & forth & whinnying...  A calming  supplement might help him.
Farah & Butch
It's hard to see, but Farah had a mouthful of grass & as she chewed - the wind blew it back at Butch :-)   We'd hoped to let her graze a little, but the ground here is so soft.  She left holes with each step - even without shoes.  The grass doesn't have the roots that you'd expect & is So slippery!

At least on the hill, she's learned to handle the slippery nature of the footing & the wind doesn't seem to bother her as much as it used to.  We checked out the indoor arena & it's very nice.  Here, I think I'll be doing more riding in it - so will have to make up a lesson plan for us both.  She seems to be thriving & has kept herself pretty fit - all good!

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