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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

First Full Day~

The day was warming up early!  I was looking forward to seeing where Farah would be boarded, so we were soon on the road the few miles to the farm.  The drive was steep with a bit of a tilt to it, so Butch had his hands full with the truck & camper.
Farah's new barn~
Farah was instantly excited when we unloaded her!  With other horses in the barn & out in the pasture - she was checking everything out!  We put her into the round pen - deep with sand & she took off bucking & running!  Next, a drop to the ground & a roll!  We looked around - a very nice place - big stalls, well bedded with auto-waters.  I'd reserved a stall - there were no outside runs available.  We decided to leave her out for a while, I was anxious to see the house!
One of the three town water towers~
It was only a seven-mile drive to our new place!  I loved the corner of town where the house was located & the neighborhood looked nice & quiet.  Walking in the front door though - I knew that our work would be cut out for us!  We'd had the interior completely painted before our arrival & had scheduled the install for the new flooring to begin the following day.

With street parking very limited, Butch wanted to get the Bronco unloaded & car-hauler returned asap.  We parked the truck & horse trailer where we thought they would be out of the way.  Once the Bronco was off - we hitched it up to the car-hauler & drove east out of town - to return it to the U-Haul dealer.
Trailer returned!
As we were returning to town, I got a call from a man who identified himself as a local police officer!  He asked if the Ford truck & trailer parked on the curve was ours?  Well... Yes!  He then asked where we were & how long it would take us to get back?  When we told him it would be minutes - he replied that the school buses would be driving through on their way to the nearby elementary school!  He was worried that they wouldn't be able to squeeze by :-)  
At home~
When we arrived - I had to ask how on earth he'd found my phone number?  As luck would have it - the painter we'd hired lives just up the street & had seen the officer by our truck with those stand-out Washington State plates :-)  Disaster adverted :-)  Welcome to small town America!  :-)

Returning to check on Farah - we found her covered in flies!  She came running to us!  I sprayed her down & put her into her stall - she looked comfortable - checked out the water & settled in.  Back home, Butch parked the truck in the drive.  We'd already planned to live in the camper until the flooring could be installed.  Let the remodel begin!

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