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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iowa Bound! On the Road - Day 2

Our next fairground reservation was at the Gallatin Fairgrounds just outside of Bozeman.  It would be a four-hundred mile day, with a mountain pass or two along the way :-)  By now - I was used to driving the U-Haul & the feel of the Bronco on the car hauler behind us.  I had the Bronco full of what concrete yard art & pots that would fit - along with my geraniums & assorted house plants.
Following Butch - with Farah~
It was much easier - to just follow my husband on the road.  The U-Haul didn't have the umph that the diesel does - so Butch often left us behind on the climbs.  The U-Haul rattled & rolled & sounded like it was beating itself to death - but we kept right on truckin'.  Courtney mentioned once that we'd lose weight just from the vibration alone!  :-)
Coeur d'Alene~
We were across the WA state line quickly & into Idaho.  The fog coming off the lake was just breathtaking!  Courtney was taking photos out the window & we were both open mouthed at natures splendor.
Sun breaking through~
We had more than one mission on this day.  We were connecting up with Jim, who we met at the Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous in Ellensburg, earlier this year.  The Bitterroot Bench furniture booth was the hit of the vendor show.  We'd asked Jim to make us a custom entertainment center.  When I mentioned our upcoming move - Jim managed to get the piece done in time for us to pick it up on our way through Missoula.
Connie & Jim!
We were close to our scheduled time & Jim pulled in minutes after!  When he unwrapped the layers of padding - it was like Christmas!  Such fine craftsmanship & our first new piece of furniture in years - for our new home in Iowa!  It was fun catching up on BCH news - while Farah did some grazing along side the fence.  Great Harvest Bread caught our attention & after a Great lunch - we were back on the road.
Afternoon Rest Stop~
We'd lost some of our momentum in Missoula - so this day seemed a long one.  The sun was setting when we found the fairgrounds.  Next - was finding the correct gate & our way to the horse barns.   The temperatures had dropped into the 20's - with snow on the ground.  The barn was large & cold.  Butch found the lights - I put Farah's heavy blanket on.  Since all the hookups were off for the Winter & restrooms closed - Courtney called to find a room in town for the night.

We ended up at Bridge Pizza for dinner.   It was packed, loud & it took forever for a waiter & eventually, our Pizza.  Food is food when you're hungry!  We dropped Courtney off & returned to the fairgrounds - where we parked just outside the barn doors.

Waking to sunshine, we loaded fast & picked up Courtney in town.  She brought us hot breakfast for the road!  Next stop - Sheridan!

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