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Friday, October 14, 2016

Iowa Bound! On the Road - Day 4 - A Day Off!

Butch & Farah ~
Uncle Keith was ready to leave for a hunting trip & invited us to an early breakfast out.  I was tired & the luxury of sleeping in - sounded good to me.  That extra hour & having no rush to get on the road - felt wonderful.  By the time the two of them were back, I was sitting out with Nika & my tea, enjoying a beautiful, if overcast morning.
On the Pavilion~
We took Farah out on a walk-a-bout of the fairgrounds, then headed to town.  I can't possibly come to Sheridan without visiting my cousin Jackie's quilt shop!
The Quilters' Fix~
We brought along Jas - the rocking horse we'd purchased in Snohomish many years ago for the Grand-kids - most of whom have had their photos taken on her :-)  It was time for her to find a new home - here in Sheridan - at the Quilters' Fix. 
Jas in her new colorful home!
We couldn't remember how many years it had been since Jackie & Courtney had seen each other!  Way too may - that's for sure.  Funny though - when it's family - in so many ways it seems like yesterday & these two girls were yacking away in no time flat! We both bought fabric & I bought another project that I hope to find time for some cold winter.
Jackie, Connie & Courtney
 After leaving Jackie's shop, we found a little restaurant for lunch, then did some shopping.  There's no place like Sheridan if you're a fan of the Western lifestyle.  I ended up with a new area rug for a house I hadn't even seen yet. :-)  Our final stop was King's Saddlery - always on my agenda.  This visit I was soon fixated on the Calvary saddles.  They had more than I realized, the rigging & design so similar to my Stonewall.
 Wouldn't it be amazing to know the history of these saddles?  Who rode in them, where they've been & what horses they were on?  Maybe even which battle?
Nice fenders & a really deep seat!
The artifact below was certainly interesting.  I think there's a good probability that this horse was in a battle!
Horses lower jaw with entrenched bullet.
I've preached for years now about saddles with deep seats & the Arabian show saddle below demonstrates that philosophy :-)  It was later in the afternoon by the time we returned to my Aunt & Uncle's home.

It was hard to say our goodbye's - but the distance wont' be quite so far from Iowa for us to visit.  Back at the Fairgrounds, it was so quite & the night so dark - easy to fall asleep.  Tomorrow - the next leg of our journey - to Chamberlain, SD.

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