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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Iowa Bound! On the Road - Day 1

Our last night - was spend taking the very last items out of the house & getting them where they needed to be.  Last things out - would be the first things in!  Then, Butch had the Bronco to load onto the car hauler.  Thankfully, Pat offered up her large yard to park the 20ft. U-Haul once we'd picked up the trailer.  Getting the Bronco on - was hair raising - at least it was to Donnie & me.  We really couldn't do much but try to guide Butch up & the too small loading ramps & onto the trailer with hardly an inch to spare! 

We'd been sleeping in the camper since Butch's first trip out - but I don't think either of us slept a wink.  Pat came up to say goodbye - that was super hard for us both...  As Butch loaded up Farah's things, I walked the Homestead & couldn't help but think about all he memories we'd made here.  Donnie was waiting at the bottom of the hill, a final goodbye...   We stopped again at the corner & fueled our truck & the U-Haul. Next, Duvall to pick up daughter Courtney - who insisted from the beginning that she was coming along for the trip out with us.
Ready to hit the road!  Courtney, Connie & Butch
As we pulled into the Safeway parking lot, I had my first lesson in trying to maneuver the 20-ft. U-Haul & trailer through tight spaces...  Well - OK - Yes - Butch had to rescue me!  :-)   Son-in-law David had to come by to give his wife a final kiss goodbye & wish us well on our great Adventure!
Nika - unsure - but willing :-)
 We'd adjusted our travel plans - deciding to make our first day a short one (315-miles) & stop at the Fairgrounds in Spokane for the first night.    It was a smart decision, since we were all tired & as it was - dark by the time we pulled in.  Did I mention cold - already dropping to the low 30's.
Farah having dinner~
Once we had Farah settled, Butch drove the U-Haul & we went to dinner.  This night - we slept - until the sounds of construction across the fence, on the far side of a busy street woke us at 6 a.m.  It was clear, cold & we were ready to be back on our way!  Next stop - Bozeman!

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