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Monday, October 17, 2016

Iowa Bound! On the Road - Day 6 - We Arrive!

We were again up just after dawn - with about 340-miles ahead of us to reach our goal!  Glenwood!  The horses had all been quiet during the night.  The professional driver pulled in & was loading up just before us.  Here - the ground was covered with some type of thorny plant - poor Nika had gotten one in her paw.  I walked Farah - but there was nothing she wanted & I don't blame her!
Chamberlain Fairground~
The sun finally broke through the fog coming off the river & we welcomed the warmth.  After all our day's on the road, it still amazed me the way Farah was always so willing to load up.  I think she could feel that we were getting close now.
Our camp from the other direction~
We were quick to get into town & pulled over enough that Courtney could jump in.  We didn't bother with breakfast - thinking that we'd pick something up after we made some progress on the road.
Rest Area~
The wind was blowing & we were making good time, but somewhere along I-90 in South Dakota, Courtney exclaimed;  "What the heck is That?"  It looked like a giant bulls head...  I've since looked it up & sure enough that's what it was!
Bull's Head
From this point on - neither of us took photos.  We gave a huge shout of excitement when we finally crossed into Iowa!  At Sioux Falls, we started getting into traffic, the most of the entire trip.  I wasn't having fun & it wasn't easy to change lanes, so we tried to stay ahead of the game making the turn south onto I-29.

The day turned gray - but the Sumac growing along the sides of the road were bright, almost neon shades of oranges & reds.  I called Mom to let her know that we'd made it to Iowa!  It was one of the best - of the last conversations we shared.

Soon, we were nearing Glenwood & following the directions of a Facebook friend who'd invited us to her farm for our first night.  It was late afternoon when we pulled in - the sun had broken through the cloud cover.  We unloaded Farah into the near-by round-pen.  A relief to finally know the road-trip was behind us & watch as the sun set lower to the west.  We enjoyed a Pizza, met new friends & by the time we went to the camper - we could see the lights from Omaha on the horizon.  Yes Grandma - you were right!  I was the one - who would return to Iowa!

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