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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Iowa Bound! On the Road - Day 3

We were really looking forward to our stop-over in Sheridan & had planned an extra day to unwind.  Home of my favorite Aunt & Uncle - it never takes much of an excuse to visit!  Our drive today would be the shortest of the entire trip - at just under 300-miles.
Driving into the morning~
We ate breakfast on the road - anxious to get to the Sheridan Fairgrounds, our plan was to arrive mid-afternoon.
Wyoming State Line!
It didn't seem like long until we were crossing the state line.  We'd left the snow behind & were thankful for the great driving weather.  Every time we stopped, Farah would get a fresh, cold carrot.  We offered water, sometimes she'd drink - other times not.  I didn't electrolyte her the entire trip.
At the rest area~
We stopped to stretch & give Farah more hay - Courtney & I enjoyed watching what had become her daily routine.  In the mornings, munching away at her hay bag, hung from the back door & looking out at us from time to time.  When she needed a potty break - she would start moving from side to side & we'd call ahead to tell Butch to pull off.  After our lunch stop - she'd usually spend the afternoon facing front & looking out the side windows at the country.  By late afternoon, she would be as ready as the rest of us to be done for the day!
Our Camping spot~
We were the only ones at the Fairgrounds - after checking in at the office - paying for the stall & purchasing shavings, we parked by a grassy strip.  Butch unloaded the two trees in large pots, that I'd insisted on bringing. By the time we were done, it looked like we'd moved in! :-)
Beautiful historic buildings~
Talk about a gorgeous Fairgrounds!  Sitting up high on a hill, the new bleachers & sky bridge dominated the skyline.  Within in minutes Aunt Shirley & Uncle Keith pulled in!  Auntie always had Mom's knack for knowing when & where I was :-)
Another incredible building~
Farah met everyone, we settled her into a large stall & then we three squeezed into the car to ride the few blocks to Auntie's house in town.  It was Great to have the opportunity to let-down & relax after the days of driving.
Auntie's beautiful Fall wall hanging~
If I haven't mentioned before how talented my Aunt is - I'll mention it again!  I tried to sneak the above wall-hanging into my purse - but it wouldn't fit :-(  We spend the rest of the afternoon catching up.  Uncle Keith took us all out to a wonderful dinner at one of the best places in town!  It seemed surreal that just 9-months before, on my way home from visiting Mom, I'd mentioned to my Aunt & Uncle that Butch & I were considering a move to Iowa~

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