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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Scanlan Photography~

Glenwood is a small town, but we've found out that it doesn't lack for upscale places to visit!  Today, we were invited to an open house at a beautiful facility just to the north of town.  I didn't get a photo as we went in - it was snowing a cold, wet snow that reminded us of Western Washington.
Bella Terre
Bella Terre is the opposite direction from where we have Farah boarded, so obviously she's in a good neighborhood :-)  Walking through the doors, was like walking into a town in Sicily!  What an amazing difference it was!  The building itself demanded your attention almost as much as the photography display.
Incredible works~
With all the warm, rich colors & we soon left our coats & began admiring the huge variety of photographs.  The very large room was filled with round tables, plenty of seating & the venue included a bar & wine bar with a nice selection of wines.
Tree & Sleigh~
Seated at our table, when I looked up - I could have easily imagined myself in a completely different country.  We enjoyed hot spiced apple cider & a selection of fresh hors d'oeuvres.  There were plenty of beautiful Christmas cookies too!
Town in Sicily?
Another beautifully decorated balcony!

The photos themselves demanded attention - went spent a pleasant afternoon admiring each piece.  It was really the perfect time of year for our first visit.   This venue is available for private parties, weddings, etc. & I can see why it's so popular.
Color abounds!
Walking out the door into the snow was almost surreal!  We crept up the hill & onto the road back home.  A great way to spend a snowy December day!

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