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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First Visit to Lauritzen Gardens~

First, we had our Garden Club Christmas Luncheon & Party!  Everyone was to bring a gift that they'd made & oh what wonderful gifts they were!   I'm excited about going to the monthly meetings this coming year & the many tours that are on the schedule!

The day was brisk, cold, but so sunny & beautiful!  Later in the afternoon I was invited to go to Omaha with Clara, Debbie & Barb to visit Lauritzen Gardens!  I still can't get over getting into a car, being able to drive somewhere without traffic, enjoy the activity, have dinner & then drive back home - all without any traffic snarls or congestion!  It reminds me of the old days in the Seattle area...
Late afternoon sunshine & light ice on the pond~
We arrived just as the sun was setting - the facility is tucked into a hillside, somewhat protected from the north winds.
Poinsettia Tree~
This Poinsettia tree was easily four times the size of the one's I've enjoyed a Molbacks for many years.  Just stunning to see the vibrant red color!
Lights & decorations~
Everywhere we looked - was a delight to the senses!  Such beauty - I was So happy to have been included!
A tropical paradise~
Once inside the Arboretum - the sound of running water greeted us - there seemed to be water everywhere!  Streams flowing, fountains & pools of water where carp swam by.
Beautiful planter from the last century~
We were transported to a different place!  Such a beautiful job of making this huge facility feel cozy & warm!
The arbor area~
Birds of Paradise were blooming!  So were geraniums & even orchids.
The Palms~
My favorite though - was the Banana Trees!  My first time seeing them.  They were So large & had such presence!  Something that I didn't expect - but walking through their grove made me imagine what it would be like in a jungle!  I thought of my friend Petra's tropical excursions years ago.
huge leaves!
We all agreed that thatching a roof with these huge leaves would be a relatively easy project!
With lights!
With the addition of beautiful Christmas lighting - it was just so stunning!   We visited the gift shop - plenty of items for gift giving to purchase.
Bright reds!
It was amazing to me, that just on the other side of these walls, the temperature was dropping into the teens!  Tropical paradise on one side, cold mid-west Winter on the other!  I defiantly want to bring Butch to see this & plan to buy a season pass.
Simplicity sometimes rules - as this wreath perfectly demonstrates!  Finally - it was time to walk back out into the cold of the night!  We stopped for dinner before heading home & still arrived just after 7 p.m.  Butch had taken the lights that we'd used on the Cottage & hung them all the way across the front of the house!  It was spectacular when we came down the street & I saw them for the first time!  Photo's soon :-)

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