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Friday, December 16, 2016

Tis the Season~

It feels great to finally have the house somewhat together in time for the holidays.  Things seemed to take on a life of there own - finding a spot where they fit again :-)  There were days when it seemed like we were moving backward more than forward with projects, but when you consider what we've accomplished - in less than two-months - we could hold our own with the Fixer Upper show!  :-)
Our tree
It's not that we still don't have plenty to do... baseboard, door jams, trim, main bath - but thankful that we didn't have to spend a winter in the camper!  Butch used the lights we'd purchased a couple year ago for the Garden Cottage.  We only needed one more box to do the front of the house!  Any work on the outside has come to a halt - probably till spring.
Cottage lights on the house~
Today we visited a fireplace store outside Council Bluffs.  Such fun talking with the owners & when they heard that we have no family in the area - they invited us to Christmas Dinner!  The people here have got to be some of the best anywhere.
My gift from Mary Ann~
We were sitting in the living room this morning when the post man knocked at the door with a package.  Inside was this beautiful hand made quilt from my forever friend Mary Ann.  I am so thankful for those forever friends, the ones who forgive your trespasses & support you in your times of need.  We left so many behind & miss them all so very much.

This is a difficult time for me...  Missing those grand-kids & their parents terribly...  Then thinking of my Mom every day & wishing she were still here...  Grateful too - for the family & friends who support & love us as we do them!

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