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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Shoes~

With these gorgeous days of Winter sunshine - comes the cold!  When I left to pick up Farah this morning, it was 10 degrees!  I had on my warmest pants, a layer of thermals & new gloves :-)  The wind was blowing out at the farm, dropping the temperature even lower.  I may have to invest in ear muffs :-)

After almost 12-weeks - yes - 12...  Today the Farrier was at Juanita's farm to do all the horses.  Farah's last shoeing was the 22 of Sept. so this was by far the longest she's ever worn a set of shoes.  I had no idea what to expect.  She's been really thriving in her outdoor paddock on a steep hill.  Her.. coat is thicker & fluffy.  She's maintained her weight & seems to really enjoy the company of other horses at the barn.  I'm so glad she is.
Enjoying the grass~
I was prepared this time, with a rope tied to the trailer door.  She loaded right in, started to go back out & guess what?  The door was closed!  :-)  Just a short drive - I enjoyed meeting our new Farrier.  How interesting to see the different process used to trim feet here.  I was impressed at how hard the feet were!
Using the torch~
I told Ryan that Farah might just object to this - having never had it done.  He ran the torch back & forth over the sole until it's a light brown.  That softens the sole about 1/8th inch deep. We brought Farah into a stall so she could watch the other horses, before it was her turn. 
Barefoot & trimmed!
We didn't need to use the torch on Farah - at least not yet - but her feet looked amazing!   Only two small spots of the black crud that I'd been trying to get rid of for months.  Otherwise, the nicest looking feet she's had forever.
Left front~
Frogs are trimmed too, maybe a little more than I'm used to.  I was told that to keep shoes on - in the Winter is not a good idea.  When it snows, the snow packs inside the shoe - as it did in Washington.  Here though - it doesn't fall out, but can continue to grow - especially when the temperatures drop.  With Farah on the hill - I didn't like the sound of that at all.  With all the trails mostly dirt - there's really no need for shoes, unlike riding on gravel logging roads.
A little more grazing :-)
 I haven't had a blanket on her yet & she certainly isn't suffering at all!  We're due for some rain/snow & sub-zero temps by Saturday though - she'll get her blanket her for that! 
Ice on the Pond~
I pass this little pond & it's always so beautiful.  Different from the wetlands of Washington, but I appreciate the differences.  I haven't missed my trails from home like I thought I would.  I'm so glad I'm not there to see the houses going in - that would have been just too hard.  I love the fresh, brisk air & such different scenery.  We now think of a 30 degree day as warm!  :-)

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