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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Walk in the Park~

Another day with blue skies, brisk air & sunshine!  First official day - of our first Winter in Iowa!  We hadn't been to our favorite breakfast hangout this week, (The Gathering Place) so today we headed there for hot homemade soup & my usual grilled cheese on homemade bread!  Yep, spoiled we are :-)
Glenwood Lake
On our to-do list for a while now, we took Nika & went over to the park to walk around the lake.  She's been so good as a house dog - but we feel bad that she has no where to run :-(  That will change in a few more weeks - when the new fence will finally go in!

The Omaha area is experiencing such a boom, that there's a wait for any fence contractor.  Then - we've been waiting for a survey of our property corners.  Butch finally went up to the Assessors office to do what research he could.  The mother of one of the surveyors works there.  When he left, armed with legal descriptions - his next stop was the survey office - where he was greeted with;  "You've gone to see my mother!"  Suddenly - we were on the list for Friday.  :-)  As they say around here - it's all in who you know.  Butch is gaining a local reputation for getting things done :-)
A bit of a melt from the frigid temps of last weekend~
We wanted to walk a Lot more, so cut up the hill & found a wonderful area of hiking trails!  They were color coded, so we just took each turn that looked like we'd be going farther out & up.  We climbed higher yet, to get some great views.
One of three water towers~
One thing about living in hill country - there are lots of hills with nice views at the top of them all!
 We'd done the trails in the reverse & found this sign as we were coming back!  There's a trail that goes down through a wooded area, then across a bridge & to the schools - so I'm sure the track team takes advantage of this area.
On the Trail~
 The light was so golden & it was warm enough that I ended up taking my coat off & tying it to my waist.  Next time I'll wear the Garmin & see how accurate the mileage is.  Once you leave the trails, you're back in the area of the museum & the beautiful barn below.
Stunning barn~
I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of this one!  Also visiting the museum & learning more of the history of the area.  We'd been out a while, so had one more stop to make before heading home.
No "Honey Buckets" here!
We had the biggest laugh!  Each day feels like we're on vacation - we'll take it!

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