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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lookin' like Snow~

We've been spoiled - again...  No two ways about it!  That sunshine & warmth was deceptive.  So glad we got out & enjoyed it while it lasted!  Today, the clouds were back & we were back into the low 30's.

I met with Sue & for lunch in Council Bluffs & am very excited to be helping with the formation of a SW Iowa Chapter of BCHIA!  It will take some work, but state wide - we have one hundred members!  It's a start!  We're looking forward to the opportunity to meet other horsemen in our area!  This will also help me to get a start on what advocacy work I can do here for the AERC.
The Home Place ~
Butch was ready to walk by the time I got home, so out we went.  This is one of the prettiest parts we've found so far of Tinkle Branch Creek.  You can just see our place on the far side, through the trees.
View east - from the top of Townsend Street~
Above is the view from as far up the hillside as we can get from this street.
From the top of Arnold Street~
We walked another block south, then went up again to as far as we could go & I took this view looking a little Southeast toward highway 34.  The wind was blowing on the hilltop, my ears got cold!
Tinkle Branch Creek :-(
As you can tell from the photo above - taken in town - creeks are not a priority here - they're used more as a place to dump things...  So sad.
Taken from the SW corner of the Square~
Even on a gray, late January day, the town square has so much character.  Christmas music was playing during the holidays.  Now it's more mainstream tunes :-) 
Brick roads~
The brick roads just amaze me!  There are many still in use all over town, some with the herringbone pattern, others just laid in rows.  With all the years of wear & the weather - most are still holding up.  I'm sure it's the salt that's put down - that gives the brick it's white spots.
Our walk~
We only walked over two-miles today - it was cold, brisk & refreshing to be out & about.  The house was nice & warm when we returned - dinner is on!  Snow in the forecast - we'll see what tomorrow brings~

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