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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Forward Motion!

A brand new year & I'm looking forward to it!  Even though I haven't had Farah out lately, she's doing just fine - fuzzy, no shoes & wintering really well!  When we were out to the boarding facility a couple weeks ago, I found signs of rodents in the tack room.  Since the mess was all over the blanket I had over my saddle & the blanket under it had been chewed - I decided to bring my saddle home!

Thankfully our office decor - has a western flair - more so now with headstalls hanging & a new saddle stand for the Stonewall :-)  It took some cleaning to get the Iowa dust & grit washed off everything.  Then a good coat of Skidmore's conditioner made it look brand new.  I'd missed having my tack close enough to smell - I do miss my tack room too - but before long I think I'll have a place in the proposed shop/garage to call my own :-)
Stonewall in the office~
New Year's Eve we were invited to a potluck at the Southwest Iowa Sportsman's club.  I made my cheese dip & with all the great food - no one went away hungry!  After the food, everyone brought games, dice, cards, you name it & the fun began!  We left for home long before midnight - we both wanted to Be home for our first New Year's here!  Candles lit, hot buttered rum - what better way to ring in the New Year?!
The view~
Our survey is finally done, Butch got all the markings in for where the fence will go, gates etc.  Now - we're told it will be finished by mid-February weather permitting.  We have a busy year ahead, it's fun to be planning new projects & new places to visit.

I've been appointed as Iowa's State Trail Advocate for the AERC!  I'm ready to take on a new challenge - & a challenge it will be!  Though there are horses & horsemen here - there just doesn't seem to be the numbers that we had in the northwest.  How could there be, when the population of the state is so low in comparison. 
On the Trace~
It came as a surprise to me that the bikes pretty much rule here.  From what I've been told - to go out on the Wabash Trace Trail in the summer - you take your life in your hands.  When you read the word;  riders on any signage - you can be sure they're talking bikes!  We've been checking out the local trail-heads & it looks like I'd have room for the trailer if the lot isn't too full.  The bike riders I've talked to - say that they would welcome equestrians on the trails - that they hardly ever see them.  I think they'll be seeing more of us. :-)


  1. Love the title! Congrats on the AERC position! Good luck with the trails :)

    1. Thank you Dom, but there aren't many trails near me!


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