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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Wednesday was a perfect day!  Sunshine & the temperature coming right up to 50 degrees!  Not what we'd expect for a mid-January day!  So - we decided to take a long walk & headed up the hill that's somewhat to the southwest of us.  It's steep going up, but worth the view from the top!  I wished I'd remembered my Garmin!
Looking West
We enjoyed it so much that on Thursday, we started out again.  (With my Garmin!)  It was a gray, overcast day - so our plan was to see how far it would be to circle the square :-)  We'd thought of going up to the park by way of the bridge by the High School, but the trail to get there was mud.  Instead we stuck to sidewalks.
It was fun to find this U.S. Geological survey marker & the town sits at well over 1,000 feet above sea-level.  This particular marker was dated 1955.
Horse head~
There was an older house just up from the town square that we want to ask about - it was full of antiques & must have been something of a museum at one time.  The design of the iron horse head was something that I had never seen.
Tub/fountain/watering tank?
The iron tank above was really interesting too, we were both thinking watering tank, but with the fancy centerpiece, it had to be more of a fountain?
Stained glass above the side door~
The stained glass panel really stood out against the bright red brick of the house.  When we do go visit the museum, we're going to ask about this place.  We talk about how tempting it would be to buy & fix one up - but here we are - ready to take life at a somewhat slower pace.  Still fun to think about - we've always loved the challenge of fixing things up :-)  Plenty of that left to do at home!
Our route~
Our walk covered 3.3 miles - from when we left the house - until we returned.  We stopped to look at several vacant homes that are for sale.  The largest realtor in town has spent years buying up some of the older homes, fixing them up & re-selling them.  It's so sad when you see such well-built old homes sliding into disrepair.

Back home, we dropped Nika off & drove over to the Keg Creek Brewery for a cold beer!  The Vine Street Cellars on the square is open again - we'll have to see if they have warm wine next time :-)

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