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Friday, January 13, 2017

An Ending~

Another road-trip, which coincided to the week, with the last time I saw Mom a year ago.  Back to Boulder to finish closing Mom's home.  After almost 50-years, it's not hard to imagine how much work was left to do, even after we'd had the help of our daughter Courtney & sister Laura during the November trip.
Mom's backyard~
We'd had to wait for the attorney to get the paperwork in order, not nearly as efficient as Dad's had been.  The difference between a small town attorney who actually cares & a large city firm.  We had to watch the weather too - finding a window of opportunity in January is always a challenge.
Oregon Grape~
I came down with a awful cold while we were still on the road...  No fun at all, but the drive out was smooth, clear & cold.  We used Google Maps to try a different route coming in & ended up on a newer toll road.  The first exit that I recognized was for Louisville - it was dinner time & any excuse is a good excuse to eat at the the Blue Parrot.
The famous sign~
 We were seated, ordered our spaghetti & soon found out that after 97-years in business this iconic, family owned & operated restaurant, will close the end of this month.  Any time family came to visit - Blue Parrot was our dinner destination!  Many was the Sunday afternoon, that we'd meet Mom & Dad for a meal.  I was here for dinner the night before our youngest was born!

The closer we got to the mountains, the deeper the snow.  The star was lit on the Mountain, so Butch got to see it!  By the time we turned onto Mom's street the snow was over 8" deep.  Some of the neighbors had taken advantage of Mom's street parking, so we pulled the truck onto the snow covered driveway.  Walking into the house again - was hard.  We spent a jam packed three-days sorting, hauling & cleaning.  The weather warmed, the snow melted fast & high 40's felt positively warm!
Goodby Chevy~
I'd listed Mom's Chevy on Craig's list, but the only interest was from scammers.  We ended up donating it to a charity that helps children.  It was an uncomfortable car to drive, but had taken Mom safely on many road trips!

As someone mentioned the other day, it's not the items, it's the memories associated, that makes it so difficult to part with them.  There were lots & lots of items & lots & lots of memories...
Watering can & Coyote~
The wood box above had been on the back porch forever, holding Mom's gardening tools.  The water can's history is lost, but not it's usefulness.  Dad had made the Coyote - so these items came home with us.
Leaving the house, for the last time, was a somber feeling.  My ties to childhood, Boulder & Colorado all gone now...  I was so lucky to have had the experience of living in such a great town, back when it was only a college town.  Now, huge cranes are in the air, construction of new mixed-use, high density buildings going on everywhere.  I hardly recognize where I am & the population has crested a million.
Julesburg, CO Rest Area~
 With weather coming in behind us, we were glad to be back on the road & heading home.  It was about 20 degrees when we stopped for a short break outside Julesburg. Again, we had smooth sailing on our return trip.
Friday, we spent unpacking.  I brought home Mom's kitchen table for the craft room & once it was set up - I sat down...  I could almost picture Mom sitting across from me... 

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