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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Putting the "Twinkle" back in Tinkle Branch Creek~

Since we were so used to having a creek that ran through our property in Washington, we felt extremely lucky that our new home in Glenwood, borders a nice little creek.  We were having breakfast at The Gathering Place one morning - when a neighbor came in, introduced herself & told us that the little stream had a name - Tinkle Branch Creek!  (Thank you Courtney for the twinkle idea!)
Our view of the creek area~
Today was just too beautiful!  Another day in the same week, where the temperature reached a wonderful 50+ degrees!  We should have walked, but instead drove to the Gathering Place for conversation & lunch, before returning home.  Butch is working on the walls in the master bath - I'd planned to work opening all our boxes of books & getting them in the bookcases - but that would wait for a different day!  Instead, I grabbed my loppers & walked down to the creek.
Both short tiny & long thorns~
I've been looking to identify this vine, with very nasty thorns.  Maybe when it leafs out in the spring I'll figure it out.  It grows in a clump, sending out several shoots - similar to blackberry.  It's wicked though, the new growth is thin & weaves itself into other shrubs, making it difficult to spot - until it sticks you!  I pulled one out that was over ten-feet long!
This shows the green of the thorn covered vines, weaving through the shrubs.
Even once I had them cut at the base, it was very difficult to pull them out of the other bushes.  I wanted to get them cut back as much as I could...
Dumping ground~
Because...  the banks of the creek have been used as a dumping ground for anything that whoever was too lazy to haul away.  Once the leaves were gone, I could see the trash.  I'd tried to get down there & pull some out - but it was frozen to the ground.   With the fence due to go in one of these days, it would be easier to get the stuff hauled out now.
Reed Canary Grass~
The Reed Canary Grass here too, does it's best to choke out the natives along the banks of the creek.  I hope to keep it cut back & eventually see what native plants I might get started here.
Greenbriar or Catbriar Vine
We have these too, they are the only plant with both thorns & tendrils.  The tendrils wrap them selves around anything they come in contact with.  I had a rude surprise the first time I grabbed one to pull it out of a tree - not realizing that it had the tiny, sharp thorns!  From what I've been reading - it's very hard to eradicate once established & it's had time to do that here.
My final collection of trash for the day!
By the time the sun was getting lower in the sky, the temperature was dropping with it & I'd had enough!  We ended up with quite a collection to haul away!  Butch said I might want to re-do the fabric on the glider frame?  I don't think so!  :-)  Nika's favorite find was a deer skull with antlers!

It's a start! I hope in a few years that I'll have photos to post of how beautiful the area has become! Time will tell~

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