Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crusin' with Friends~

The weatherman had promised a slightly cooler day today.  Roxi & I had planned to ride, so even though I worried that I would melt - I was determined to get Farah out.  At the barn - Farah had heard the trailer & was standing with her head over the stall gate when I arrived.  She was even clean - not nearly as dusty as she was a couple days ago!  She followed me to the trailer on a loose lead, loaded right in & stood like a lady while I closed the door.
Farah enjoying the grazing~
Arriving at Waubonsie early - we both enjoyed our quite time together - we were the only ones there.  I took my time saddling up & then let her graze.  Roxi & Sondra pulled in & soon the three of us were on the trail.  Roxi let me choose the pace, I was looking forward to a faster ride.  Farah enjoyed the lead - not a single spook & she was all business.  We trotted, galloped & had a blast cruising around on the soft dirt trails.  Sandra, who rode bareback, saddled up when we decided to go out again.
Tree still across the trail~
Even if hot & getting hotter, it was so beautiful in the green, dabbled shade of the trees.  I recognized the red Columbines that were blooming in several places.
Native Columbine
We were well into our second go-round when I heard something happen & the word snake!  Oh yuck - I've now heard lots of rumors about the snakes here & how big they can get!  I had to go back for a look though!  :-)
Black Rat Snake
He was big - I'm glad I've now seen one & will certainly be a little more careful when walking along the creek!  If they eat rodents - they can't be all bad.
Glorious Greens~
Toward the end of our final set of loops - I asked Sondra if she wanted to go in front.  I should have asked long before & of course she did.  What fun we had cruising around together!   Following along -  reminded me of what a consistent training pace is :-)   One of my favorite quotes;  A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up & outpace.  -- Ovid 

It's so easy to backslide when you don't have a training partner & we've not had one in years.  It was part of my concern when trying to condition Farah for what ended up being our yearly endurance ride - but she managed just fine :-)  We finished with a gallop up & back into camp.
Farah enjoys the day~
Roxi & I have known each other almost 20-years & it was our first ride together!  I'm sorry that I didn't get a photo of us - but we were too busy having fun :-)  (A mutual friend in WA who'd purchased Butch's horse in the late 90's - had introduced us at a ride.)  After our friends headed home, I washed Farah down & let her loose like I used to during our lunch breaks.  She rolled, rolled some more, then gave a hard shake before wandering off to graze.  I sat at a table in the shade eating my nuts & grapes.  
Even if very warm, mid-80's - with the air fairly heavy - it was a picture perfect afternoon.  The haze preceding the promised rain already moving in across the sky.  It was just under an hours drive to Farah's barn - where I fed her the last of the carrots & put her in her stall.
Our route~
By the time I pulled in at home, the Bronco had logged a 95-mile round-trip.  Not exactly close, none of the riding places are - but it was Grand to move out & enjoy such a fun ride!  I was bitten yet again by the endurance bug - he's a nasty little critter that as I get older - I've had mixed emotions about.  Very hard with a horse like Farah~


  1. Why is endurance hard with a horse like Farah? She sounds perfect.

    1. It's about me - giving up endurance when I have a horse so well suited for it! :-)


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