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Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring at Indian Caves State Park~

I didn't even think about Friday being the early start to the 3-day weekend when I loaded Farah for the trip south!  In WA, I wouldn't even have attempted a 200-mile round-trip to anywhere!  Here though - there was no traffic on the way to Roxi's.  We caravanned down to Indian Cave State Park - it was a beautiful day - that got very warm & humid!
Farah & the Missouri River~
Roxi invited her cousin Jackie & friend Cathy to ride with us - both interested in trying out endurance riding.  Mounted on two of Roxi's accomplished horses - they took direction on the finer points of staying topside while moving out :-)
Cathy, Roxi on Sovereign & Jackie
We did quite a bit of stopping for tack adjustments on the first loop :-)  Stirrups up/down - wherever they needed to be.  The horses of course were more than game for a fast ride & very competitive!  I took point, the size of Farah's stride makes it easier on me to have her in front & not have to fight to keep her back.  
On the shaded trails~
Having seen the park after a fresh burn on my first visit, it was nice to see everything so green.  I did recognize a jack-in-the-pulpit, but it looked like all the other ground-covers were more sprouting weeds than native plants...

After our morning loop - we had lunch in the shade.  Our friend Shannon was here too - camping for the weekend!  She gave us directions as Roxi & I went out again - for a faster loop.  Jackie & Cathy left for their own ride at a slower pace.  As Roxi & I busted up one of the nice long climbs - I heard Roxi say; "Hi!"  A little girl was standing in the middle of the trail to our left!  Her eyes were as big as saucers as our two horses appeared at the top of the hill!
Making friends~
We were impressed that this family had hiked all the way up onto the ridge to camp!  I Farah's carrots out of my pommel bag, both girls held their hands - flat - to feed each horse a carrot :-)  Not sure where we were going - we continued turning up & ended at the top of ridge trail again.  Those views are some of the best anywhere - it was a great place to be.
Bend in the Missouri~
We had a blast!  I even had to pose for "view selfie" :-)  I took my electrolyte's all day & even with the temperature hovering near or over 80 & what felt like high humidity - I felt fine.
Here we are :-)
After our ride, I washed Farah down & checked her for ticks - not finding any.  She rolled in the grass - then I sprayed her again.  I'd sprayed myself down from top to bottom before we rode, then wore a bug band.  Butch rode out to the barn with me to drop Farah off - then - it was dinner in Mineola.  Well, I got home & found a tick under my bra line!  YUCK!  A desperate yell to my husband - he couldn't believe how hard it was attached!  I dabbed the spot with alcohol & next time you can be sure that even my bra will be sprayed!

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