Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Friday, May 12, 2017

Movin' Out!

Today dawned cool, clear & beautiful.  The coolest day in the next few to come.  I was on the road for the farm fairly early to pick Farah up.  We were meeting up again with Roxi & Sandra at Waubonsie.  It's so nice to have the trails there open, since they are the closest & have enough hills for a decent workout.
Farah enjoying the grass~
At the stable, Farah was covered in mud this time, the rain & the fact that her run had only been partially scraped clear.  Debris everywhere - that trapped the rain water - creating more mucky areas & depriving her of the spot where she likes to roll.  We pulled into the park early - lots of grooming & finally saddled by the time Roxi & Sondra arrived.

Roxi had filled me in on the day's training pace & I was game.  Farah was more than game - she absolutely loved it :-)  The first set of loops, my friends rode bay mares, I kept Farah back & since we were moving out - Farah was fine with that.  I didn't take pictures!  I was too busy riding :-)  We finished the first set & our second time out was with the grays!
Roxi in the lead~
At one point, Roxi said;  "Watch for the tree." on a sharp corner with a steep hill coming up.  I lost a stirrup - Farah felt it & gave me a 1/2 stride to recover it - before blasting up the hill!  :-)  Such a good girl!  I've been riding without my 1/2 chaps, just long socks under my tights.  So far - no heat rash & really no rubbing either.  Of course today was far from hot & humid - so we'll see how it goes as things heat up.
Speeding along~
I just had to pull out my camera & get a photo.   We did well over 12-miles, with a really great average moving speed.  The fastest & farthest we've gone since moving here.  Our elevation gain was over 1,700 ft. - which I would not have believed possible.  I used to get that at Victoria over about the same distance.
Sondra & Roxi
I was determined to get a photo of these two & had to laugh when I saw this one :-)
Our route~
It felt so darn good to be riding so hard!  Farah has amazed me with the way she's held her condition.  I wish I'd held mine as well!  :-)  When we got back, she emptied a bucket of water, rolled & enjoyed me sponging her down.  I think it was her breakfast that was in her feed bucket when we returned to the stable.  She scarfed that down & had another big drink of water.

I came home the most pleasantly sore & tired that I've been in a very long while & it felt darn good!  Having great riding partners who enjoy the same sport I do has sure helped.  I may find myself doing some endurance in the mid-west before the season is over.  A tired, happy wife makes Butch's life a bit easier too :-)

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