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Sunday, May 28, 2017

My First Hometown~

When I called to make reservations at Hotel Greenfield - the weekend was booked solid with a reunion.  A room was open on Sunday, giving us an overnight stay.  It was our first year of taking on the responsibility of decorating my family's graves.  I was looking forward to seeing my father's flag flying on Memorial Day for the first time.
Evening on the square~
After putting fresh arrangements in the vases at the Greenfield Cemetery, we drove across a very rural part of the state - to the place my maternal Grandparents are buried.  This cemetery -  very old - is an amazingly peaceful place.  I have memories of going here each summer when Grandma would drive us out & we'd clean-up around my Grandfather's stone.  (He passed away when I was only four, but I'm lucky enough to remember him.) 
Nika enjoys the afternoon~
We pulled weeds, trimmed the dead branches out of the emerald greens that mark the four corners of the lot & pulled grass out of the peonies.  Extended family came by with flowers too, while we were there.

Once back in town, we decided to go to the movies at the Grand Theater.  This is the same theater that was in business when I was a kid.  Where my Mom & A. Shirley took me to see the Ten Commandments :-)
Beautifully Retro~
This old theater is one of the few that has managed the expense of updating to digital, did remodeling that is in keeping with the original décor & is still in business today.  It is For Sale - so I can only hope that it finds new owners who will keep it open.
Prices that a family can actually afford!
Afterward, as dusk fell, we took a walk around town.  It was a perfect late Spring evening, kids out playing, a breeze in the trees.
Where I started school~
 A new elementary school was being built when I was ready to start Kindergarten.  Our class was housed in the basement of this church.  I still remember bringing a sleep mat for our nap time :-)
Patriotic decorations~
The home above is one of my favorites.  It was dark by the time we walked past the house my Grandmother had on the highway.  She lived there until she met & married my step-grandfather who had the farm & bought me my first horse.
Mural of the towns history~
This mural gives a great overview of the town's history.  Like so many in the mid-west, an agricultural based economy, fueled by the small, mostly self-sustaining family farms.  A way of life that was starting to disappear when I was young.  Now, the last of those farmers are retiring & it's sad to drive past the old farm houses & barns fallen to disrepair...

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