Endurance develops strength of character in us~ Romans 5:4 NLT

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Time Passes~

It's almost like remembering us in a different world - to think that a year ago we were riding the dusty, wide open spaces of central Washington State.  It was our second trip to Ancient Lakes, with three very good friends & riding buddies.
When the phone rang in the early evening hours & I saw Scotts name on the display - I knew what the call was about...  Sure enough - it was Barb, with Scott & Linda.  She asked me if we were ready & yes - within a few minutes we were.
After our toast~
Our last dinner out just before we left WA - we agreed to call each other - Scott, Barb & Linda from our old camp at Dave's - Butch & I from wherever we were, which happened to be sitting out in our backyard.  (Our horse camping trip to MO, was cancelled due to the flooding.)  On speaker, we opening our bottles of Cave B iced wine - clinked our glassed together & toasted our friendship & the amazing rides we all enjoyed.
Barb & Scott at Cave B, Linda's reflection in the window~
 We brought back these bottles in our saddle bags.  Ours came all the way to IA with us in the refrigerator of the camper.  I can say that the wine was even better than I'd remembered, but the toast was bittersweet...
Sunset over the Columbia River~
I'd spent the day with at our weekly bible study -  today was the National Day of Prayer, designated such just a year after I was born.  Our small group did our part in sending up prayers for our children, town, Country & leaders.  I sent up a few personal prayers of my own...  Prayers of thanks for the friends who support us - both those of long-standing & those that have made us welcome here~

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