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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day - Greenfield Cemetary~

 The flags were blowing in the wind & the ceremony was in progress when we arrived.  Greenfield American Legion Head-Endres Post No. 265 and V.F.W. Post No. 5357 - do an amazing job of organizing this event every year.  To see all these flags against the deep blue of the sky & crosses standing in the field of green grass, sends a strong & silent statement.  So many men who served with strength & honor.   Gone - but never forgotten.  A roll call of every Veteran - followed by a 21 gun salute.
Flags flying~
After the ceremony, Butch & I started walking to look for Dad's flag.  There were so many - we soon realized that they were set in alphabetical order.  What took the time, was finding where the A's started.  We'd walked most of the cemetery, found the few "Y's" & worked our way back up the hillside from there.  With the wind blowing so strong, it would take a minute or two to verify the name on each flag.
Dad's flag~
My emotions were overflowing when we found it.  It seems surreal that this flag has flown each Memorial Day over the five-years that have passed since we lost Dad.  To finally be here to see it - gave me a sense of closure.  
At the flag~
I don't think any of us lucky enough to have our parents in our lives for a good length of time, ever consider what it would be like without them.  I never did - I just gave thanks that they were here.  Having Mom for support when we lost Dad was my saving grace, but now with Mom gone too, my world has changed forever.   My brother has been gone for 17-years now - his flag was the next in the row.
As we were walking by, I recognized the name on this little cross.  Geo was a neighbor of my Grandpa Jim & made things from wood.  I was maybe four or five when Grandpa bought the little sign below from him for a dollar.
It stayed in my hope chest until I had my first home in CO, moved with us to WA & is hanging now in my kitchen here in IA.  I think Geo was saying HI!
Red, White & Blue
Walking here, on this day, I felt that in many ways,  I've come full circle.  I've done my best to honor my parents wishes & see them to their final resting place.

We took a longer route on our way home, visiting other towns further east.  At every cemetery we passed, the flags were flying, graves decorated & people walking among the stones.  Here, honoring the past & those that have gone before is a tradition passed on through each generation as a part of life.
Greenfield Cemetery~
"The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart"  - Helen Keller

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