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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Road Ridin' ~

Another gorgeous day dawned, without the threat of thunderstorms.  Cody had kindly driven up to shoe Farah on Monday.  She'd had the same shoes on for ten-weeks!  Breaking all records & way longer than I'd ever had her padded.  Since her feet grow so slow anyway - her angles were still good, but it was a relief to get those pads off & find that her hooves were still OK under them!
Back to my roots~
We pulled into Roxi's on time, I have to say I've not had the motivation to ride that I should have.  Years of riding alone & pushing for miles has taken away some of the glow.  Possibly age has something to do with it too...  But - now - having a friend to ride with - really makes a difference.  Farah is so happy to be moving out again, she & Roxi's mare seemed to get on fine.

Once we were out on the roads, it was almost like I was a kid again, riding out from Grandma's & seeing how far I could get before it was time to turn back.   Grandma would ask where I'd gone & one day when I mentioned the name of a very small town - Spalding - she said;  "What?!  You were all the way over there?!"  :-)   It was riding all those road miles that hooked me on distance in the first place.
This little baby Raccoon -  was crying at the bottom of the tree~
We just cruised right along - the County had recently rocked one of the roads - we had no choice but to take it easy & stay on the shoulder.  Of course the Big Tractor was out with a huge mowing blade working on the shoulders.  (Are there small tractor's in IA?)  Farah did better than I expected, it was nice that Dejets took the lead - handling the noise & dust with total aplomb.
Tough, solid & watchful!
We moved out the first half of the ride, then walked some of the way back.  As I keep telling Roxi, it's not the gold girl that needs conditioning - it's her rider!  :-)  It's crazy how much I feel like I've lost of my own condition - but determination must count for something!
Wild Roses~
The wild roses above literally lined the road for miles!  I'm bringing a shovel next time & bringing a start or two home.  
Out & back
We covered ten-miles & again - once I'm in Farah's saddle - the world becomes a brighter, shinier place~

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