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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's Been a Long Time Comin'

One of our favorite ways to either start or end the day - has been to sit out~
Our view~
Last evening - for the first time, we could sit out & watch the rain!  With Butch working almost full-time between two jobs, we asked around for recommendations & were lucky enough to find John.  His reputation as the best is well deserved!  I had a few special requests - one - to have the railing high enough that when seated - I can see under it!  Having started on the 15th - even with the challenges that the weather created - John said today that he will be finishing up tomorrow!  The deck chairs will finally come out of storage!
Red Fox~
  As we were admiring the view, I saw a fox dart across just behind the swing!  He's the second one we've seen so far.  Butch saved us some money by tearing off the old raised deck.  He started by pulling nails to salvage what decking materials he could - but soon I heard the chain-saw start up!  That made quick work of what was left! 
Butch doing demo - 94 degrees!
We'd hoped to start with the front porch, but had to apply for a variance & are waiting for a positive outcome before we can start.  Since the house faces north - having covered entries will be a huge improvement.   Luckily - John stopped the materials delivery for the front in time & replaced it with a new order for the back!
Walnut & Honeysuckle~
To say it's been a beautiful month is an understatement.  In WA - my favorite months were always May & Oct.  I think here - it's going to be the same.  The bushes that line the backyard are Honeysuckle & the smell has been incredible!  The air absolutely rich with their scent!   How sad that I find they are an invasive species & almost impossible to eradicate.   The four younger trees that we were worried about - they were so late to bud - are Walnuts!  Our big one out front is just now opening it's leaves!
Wall of Honeysuckle blooms~
I can't see myself investing the years of energy to attempt to remove the Honeysuckle.  The bird population is so large & seems diverse here - they bring in the unwanted seeds.   Instead - I'll try to control their spread & plant what natives I can.

In the meantime - we're thankful to have a new favorite outdoor space.  A place where we can enjoy the ever-changing views - created by the incredible variety of deciduous trees!

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